partner workouts

Training Acuity – It’s Often What You Can’t See that Matters

It sometimes takes me a while to narrow and simplify the direction I want to go with something I can attack from such a variety of angles. Something as simplistic as the title, ‘Training Acuity-It’s Often What You Can’t See That Matters”, can be broken down into such complex analysis […]

Why cross training is essential to long term success

Thank you to my friends for the use of the infographic to help you understand why cross training is so important to long-term┬áhealth and fitness success. If you need any help or motivation and are in the Toronto area, although I do online coaching as well, I would love to […]

Mommy and Me Workout

Over the years I have had the pleasure to work with (and learn from) many types of people from different demographics with different goals, backgrounds and needs. At the end of the day in all of this, and from every one of the aforementioned, from fat loss, rehab, young to […]

Butts and Guts Workout

Sometimes in order to get comfortable in your own skin, you have to first get really uncomfortable in your own skin! This is a (ahem) fun workout that you can do with a partner, no gym required. Things are always more fun with a buddy and you are doing each […]