In Support of Mental Health

I was very fortunate over this summer to do many exciting things for and with some incredible people. I will get better at sharing I swear :p While this post is waaaaay overdue, I didn’t forget, it just took time to get a clip. I think one of the most […]

#MPOWERment Workout Playlist #30

Today is already June 1 and that means yaaaaah #MPOWERment workout playlist #30. I hope you find some inspiration in the words, the beats and sounds to get moving! I know these have gotten shorter but time is of the essence no? 😉 Enjoy 😀 1. Warmup Tune:  Pastel – […]

Free Music and MOVEment 6

I am spending most of my day today working from home and am currently updating my playlist. Home work is great because my breaks can consist of whatever the eff I want such as random outbursts of loud music and flailing myself around the room. Yeah I know right, good times 😉 […]

I am doing far too many things right now but will be revamping and getting back to blogging again soon. For now though I wanted to share with you a short interview with artist and inspiring strong beautiful woman extraordinaire Paula Platter Galloway who not only does various bits of […]


Not gonna lie, I love the people I have met through ISSN (International Society of Sports Nutrition). THE best. THE brightest. THE most supportive, encouraging, fun, empowering, did I mention how smart and just badass they are? Anyhoozer, I am a very fortunate person that will keep on my journey […]

Protagonistic Antagonist

  I work the ink to design what most deny Melancholic state, deep seeded dirty sides You try to hide it behind your lies But it’s my voice that screams your cries Like a battle war-ing up inside your minds Too afraid to embrace that it takes all kinds Like […]

Progress, Not Perfection 1

Well, well, well, I suppose I have officially sucked it up now as I am posting a “progress” picture to help me be accountable. Now don’t get me wrong, I train or do some kind of activity EVERY day and for the majority, eat a healthful diet, but over the […]