#MPOWERment Workout Playlist 47

August got me feeling like mischief, but totally in a good way 😉 I hope you enjoy this good energy, sexy-fun playlist as much as I do! Robin Thicke feat Jay Z- Meiple 2. J Balvin and Willy William- Mi Gente 3. CamelPhat & Elderbrook – Cola 4. Joey Purp feat […]

#MPOWERment Workout Playlist 42

So this is a ‘better late than never’ post, my apologies but sometimes the ‘real-life’ stuff takes over and sharing freely with the great people of the internet world gets delayed. I appreciate you though, a lot 🙂 If you are looking for some high-ish-energy tunes, well you are welcome […]

#MPOWERment Workout Playlist 41

  This past weekend I had the pleasure and honour to demonstrate one version of how I put on a class at Toronto’s CityFest with PopnShopEvents. The #MPOWERment workout playlist was set up to match just perfectly to hit hard on the right spots but unfortunately, the speakers couldn’t overpower the […]

#MPOWERment Workout Playlist 40

I honestly have no idea where July went. I hope, unlike me, you have been taking some time to enjoy the summer before it passes you by 😉 Well without further ado, here is your #MPOWERment workout playlist to get you lit up! Martin Garrix & Bebe Rehxa 2. Don Diablo – […]

#MPOWERment Workout Playlist 39

Nothing in life is better than what comes from taking in some music and movement. Both of these transcend all boundaries, connect us and change us. I have been non-stop for some time so I apologize for the delayed workout playlist but this one is focused on good vibes that […]

#MPOWERment Workout Playlist 38

What an incredible start to June here in Toronto! We have had some pretty consistent sunny and 20-30 degree celcius, or 68 – 86 farenheit weather. Thank you, I will take it! With summer coming, that means there will be a ton of outdoor music festivals AND super fun, awesome outdoor adventures […]

Women-Specific Training 1

There are many factors that go into health and fitness. If you are a man, you are quite fortunate in that most of the data over the years has given you means to successfully accomplish your goals. If you are a woman, on the other hand, there has been little […]

#MPOWERment Workout Playlist 35

Spring is about to spring on us so I hope this playlist helps get you sprung (on working out that is 😉 ) . This month’s #MPOWERment workout playlist is about having fun, living a little, not being so damn serious. As Miss Janet has said, ” I hope you […]

#MPOWERment Workout Playlist 34

It is so unreal that it is February and that it is raining up here in Toronto. While I am most certainly NOT a fan of winter, I did learn to snowboard this year (for the one day we did have snow), and I wouldn’t mind another. Mostly because my […]