#MPOWERment Workout Playlist 55

Hello April! Spring is here, well here ‘ish’ in Toronto anyway as the weather has roused less of a ‘spring in your step’ and seems to have caused less motion and more emotion in people. Let’s turn that around regardless of what is happening out there and internalize a fire […]

Women-Specific Training 1

There are many factors that go into health and fitness. If you are a man, you are quite fortunate in that most of the data over the years has given you means to successfully accomplish your goals. If you are a woman, on the other hand, there has been little […]

#MPOWERment Workout Playlist 34

It is so unreal that it is February and that it is raining up here in Toronto. While I am most certainly NOT a fan of winter, I did learn to snowboard this year (for the one day we did have snow), and I wouldn’t mind another. Mostly because my […]

Sample Phase of Fat Loss Program

I started digging through some old client files and figured I would share a sample phase of one of my previous fat loss client programs. This is only a part of the overall program we worked together on but feel free to try it yourself. Every body is different just […]

#MPOWERment Workout Playlist #31

I cannot believe that summer is coming to an end! That sucks but to keep you kicking ass and taking names in your training, which is a metaphor for life don’t ever misunderstand or forget that, I have compiled #MPOWERment Workout Playlist #31 to get you, keep you going. Turn […]

#MPOWERment Workout Playlist #30

Today is already June 1 and that means yaaaaah #MPOWERment workout playlist #30. I hope you find some inspiration in the words, the beats and sounds to get moving! I know these have gotten shorter but time is of the essence no? 😉 Enjoy 😀 1. Warmup Tune:  Pastel – […]

Experiments and Deceptions of Your Worth

Yesterday I felt a little annoyed aka angered by some comments I overheard these girls chatting about. I was at the gym in the change room and actually planned to do a bit more of a workout than I ended up doing at that time but I digress. They were […]

Training Fixes to Keep You in the Game

Whether you are an actual athlete who plays a sport at any level, a weekend warrior type, someone who just wants to look better and be healthier, prevent and treat disease, or a 75 year old woman who just wants to function at her prime, there are ways for you […]

Deflated to Deload to PR’s

Highly competitive and goal oriented physique athletes or models like you want results like fat loss and muscle building. Feeling weak, deflated, moody? For sustainable long term results, you cannot spend all of your time tearing your body down and destroying your nervous system in the gym.This is why deload […]