Ca va etre bon! Montreal ici je vient! :D

I am pretty excited to get away to the Canadian land of frenchies aka Montreal for an awesome weekend of kickassery! Not only will I get to hang with my sickly savage award winning tattoo artist of a cousin Syco Holyk (check some of his work here:!/profile.php?id=796332883 ) but I will get to hang with a great friend and supporter while watching my favourite sport on, of all days, St. Patrick’s Day 😀 While I wish there were some women on the card, it is a pretty sweet bunch of guys with solid records of great performances so no doubt it will be entertaining. I am even more excited that just about the second I get off the plane I will be heading in to the one and only Tristar gym to get my butt kicked in the a.m. class. Yup a little intimidated (okay I am pretty sure that I might die mid-sesh lol) but can’t pass up the chance to train at THE coolest spot in Montreal 😉 Here is the Ringside MMA 13 Fight Card from and if you are in the area I hope to see you there nukkas!

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