>Butter-Burning Boxing Workout

>I always love to throw in some boxing/Thai boxing stuff a few times per week regardless of my goals.

If I am trying to strictly lean out, I will incorporate this more frequently. This workout is also a great stress reliever. Believe me, it feels REALLY good to hit things when you are stressed! But not to worry if you don’t have a bag to hit, shadow boxing is quite the workout too!

At the end of this workout, you may initially feel a bit exhausted but within minutes of completion you will feel so incredibly energized yet relaxed at the same time. This type of workout will not only burn some serious energy, but due to its high intensity, your metabolism will be kicked into high gear for hours afterwards.

For this workout in particular, I like to do 5 minutes of rope jumping where I will keep the pace slower but will incorporate some high knees and butt kicks. You will need a jump rope, stopwatch or interval timer. Weights can be used as you progress with the T-pushups and jump squats, but it is not necessary as it is quite challenging on its own and you can simply move quicker to increase the intensity.

Each round is 3 minutes of work followed by one minute rest and as you progress, you can try decreasing the rest intervals to 30 seconds or in bi-weekly increments, try adding time to the work intervals if you find you need more – but listen to your body.

This total workout is about 35 minutes with the warm-up and cooldown. The timing will vary depending on your skill and fitness levels, so repeat the sequences as needed for the allotted intervals. Keep it simple with the same combos listed below for now but feel free to mix it up as you learn. The key is to just keep challenging yourself by getting your heart rate up, keeping your breathing going and pushing past your muscles burning.

•Minute: 1,9,17 – Left Jab, Right Cross, Left Hook, Right Cross, Left Knee – jump rope for 20 revolutions- repeat combo
•Minute: 2,10,18 – Left Hook, Right Cross, Left Jab, Right Knee – jump rope for 20 revolutions-repeat combo
•Minute: 3,11,19 – Left Uppercut, Right Uppercut repeat quickly for full time
•Minute: 4,8,12,16,20 – Rest
•Minute: 13,5,21 – T-Push-Ups
•Minute: 14,6,22 – Jump Squats
•Minute: 15,7,23 – Double-Unders and Cross-Overs
Cooldown with some flexibility exercises and controlled breathing.

Butter-Burning Boxing Workout

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