Bully-Fruit Breakfast 2

First of all, who says that breakfast foods are only for breakfast? In case you didn’t know by now, I am not a huge fan of strict rules and prefer the more contextual approach in that most things should be seen more as guidelines. Don’t get me wrong, there do need to be some rules in life I get and respect that, but this perception can be quite paralyzing, stressful and marginalizing for many.

I don’t recall who it was who first told me they called it the “bully fruit” but it makes total sense, it stuck with me, and I found it worthy of an “lol”. This fruit is the banana. BTW this is the ONLY kind of bully I will ever tolerate 😉 Why did my friend coin it with such a name? Test their ‘theory’ by making a smoothie, any kind of ingredients. Taste it. Now do the same and add just 1/2 to 1/4 of a banana. What do you taste more than anything else? Go ahead and do that with anything, I did and found it to be pretty legit in dominance of taste, in overpowering all other ingredients (there is the explanation why he called it the bully fruit).

Alright back to the bully-fruit breakfast…I love big salads and not just because I became a Seinfeld fan, ironically after it was over.

Big salads are hard to come by unless you make your own and getting into a rut can happen. I love these pots of goodness because you can literally stuff a ton of nutrients into one meal helping to ensure your health, fat loss, muscle building, performance needs are met. Truth is, most people in the ‘real world’ may only get the opportunity to sit down to one main meal per day and this is a great way to get the goods in ya ‘ 😉

I call this recipe the Bully-Fruit Breakfast because it is made up of typical breakfast foods but mixed in with dinner-ish foods. I am not entirely sure what prompted me to want to try adding bananas to the big salads I eat, but I knew I wanted a change. I don’t think I have seen any veggie-heavy salads out there with this in it, just typically berries so hey, why not! The creamy texture and the flavour I thought would be a welcomed change and it totally was.

Reality is that, for the most part, the quality of your food matters first, than the quantity, especially if health is your priority now and into the future. Things can get much more complicated than this but the application of this on the largest scale can follow this premise. Your portions will vary the nutritional makeup of your meal but you can guesstimate an approximate makeup of this meal as being about 680 calories (no dressing was used just a balsamic vinegar) at approximately 62g of carbs, 43g of protein and 34g of fat.


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