Bulking Up Naturally

“Intact” soluble and insoluble fiber like that found naturally in fruits, veggies beans, nuts and seeds sure do a body good! The isolated added “fibers” like inulin, maltodextrin and polydextrose, do little if anything to help with health, fat loss etc as most use them as a crutch to eat the fake stuff in crap food instead of eating the real stuff in healthy food. Yes there is some research showing these fake fibers as promising, but instead, get the REAL deal AND the nutrients from REAL food. Yet another reason to stick to natural foods first and avoid those “added” fibers in man-made artificial, boxed, packaged foods. Here is an example of what NOT to pick up at the grocery store

This product is a prime example of a company just trying to cash in on the benefits of fiber. This product will offer you nothing in the way of the REAL fiber found in the vegetables this claims to contain and the isolated fiber does NOT offer you the health promoting benefits the intact fiber does from the real food source. These fibers can actually cause you more grief as they may cause gas, bloating, diarrhea… This drink will also not offer you the array of beneficial enzymes, nutrients, phytochemicals and antioxidants found in the real food. These amazing compounds tend to be found closest to or in the skin of the produce not to mention that heating or processing foods can kill these free radical scavengers.

While Several research studies show a high fiber diet from produce and, if earned, starches like beans, potatoes, root veggies and some whole grains like Lundberg rice, are a major factor in good health and disease prevention, you do want to be sure to gradually increase your fiber intake by swapping low fiber for high fiber foods a little each day or you can experience some initial discomfort. Aim for a minimum of 25g/day of intact fiber (but this amount varies according to age, gender, if you have a medical condition etc.) getting the bulk (get it…bulk 😉 ) from a variety of fruits and veggies and keep the high “fibber” products on the shelves.

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