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The weekend is here so I figured this is the perfect time for this post. This was initially going to be a post solely for those who have kids and want something creative, fun and free to do, but because I do understand how expensive outings and activities can be regardless and I understand the importance of laughter, physical activity, and bonding no matter the ages,  I am going to add a piece at the end for just adults too. I do not have kids but many of my friends do and this is actually something that we did last weekend.

This entire activity is great because right from the beginning you get to work together, already helping the bonding, and best of all, you have to use your imaginations instead of just Googling it. Help those neurons to continue firing by using your imagination more! Alrighty…what I want you to do is sit down together with a pen and paper (you can also create a list on your phone using something like Evernote or Wunderlist ) and I want you to come up with 20 things that you would find in a mall. These should be somewhat challenging but not too hard depending on the age of your child/children as you do want them to feel the success from setting a plan, working, and achieving the goal (opportunity for teaching and growth).  Here are a few ideas that we used on our list:

Here are a few ideas that we used on our list:

-Someone wearing glasses and a backpackt

-A ninja blanket/blanket with a ninja on it

– A t-shirt with a skeleton/skull on it

– A hairpin with a butterfly

-A green tablecloth/runner

– A book about/with elephants

– Shoes with sparkles

-A furry sweater

Now that you have compiled your 20 things, I want you to choose a shopping mall that you may have  previously visited, but are not too familiar with. You can also do this activity at a museum or zoo, but those will have a fee and this is supposed to be free-fun 😉 . I now want you to consider the size of the mall (and age of your child) and set yourselves a time limit to find all of these items. You want this to be a challenge and you want to have to move quickly (we even ran through parts of the mall) but you also want your child to be successful. We chose 75minutes. One of the key aspects of this is that you cannot ask anyone in the mall for help, you cannot use the mall maps, and you must find the items in the order they are listed.

I am someone who is accustomed to not really caring about looking a fool for the most part as well as having to have creative ways to get things done or to do things. This means that running around a mall like a maniac was not an issue for me. I feel like my adult compadre, and this may relate to you, may have initially been uncomfortable but totally came around and hopefully did have fun too, not just saying it 😉 . There were laughs and we got a lot of activity in (we were even sweating by the end of it), without making it seem like exercise, and we got to work as a team to achieve a goal. Oh yes, we also did this for zero dollars 😉 This activity is even better when the weather is nicer as you can do the scavenger hunt outside and get some health promoting sunshine and fresh air.

Now to the little add-on I mentioned…

If you are a couple and are looking for a fun date night on the cheap to spark the fire or re-ignite it, you can do something like this but create a list of sexy related items or sexual activities/positions to try. If you do want to spend a bit to make this a really special bonding night, you can agree that if you find all of the items on the list, you buy one and get to use it together.


It can not only be a challenge to fit exercise and activity into your life, but it can be more so if you want to do it on a budget. Along with that, it can be hard to find time to bond with those you love as everyone’s schedules are so erratic and this can be a great way to build/maintain good relationships, help to build and maintain holistic health as well as helping to foster the concept of goal setting, work ethic and achievement.


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