Brawl on Bay Street -Toronto gets Punchy!


This April 25th get ready Toronto for the Brawl on Bay Street! It is an unprecedented boxing event of its caliber, Brawl on Bay Street  takes place twice a year in the Toronto GTA. Due to rave reviews from all  involved; participants, coaches, and fans alike there has been a high demand  for this entertaining night of action. . Once again, Counter Punch  Promotions brings you an exciting evening of ‘desk jockeys’ battling their Bay  Street colleagues in hopes of proving what they are made of…in the  ever-telling boxing ring.

I was introduced to Counter Punch Promotions  Brawl On Bay Street a few weeks back by Ben Pierce. He is such an awesome guy and probably someone that you wouldn’t typically think would volunteer to get in a ring and punch, and be punched. While most of his time he spends in a respectable white collar type of job, the rest of the time he is, or at least has been and will be up to the fight, be spending the rest of his time working his ass off to give the beatdowns on April 25th in downtown Toronto. He is one helluva motivated and hardworking guy in and out of training and one of the nicest guys which again might make it hard for some to understand his “vicious” side. If you are into combat sports, you have a vicious side, you maybe just keep it tame, or I hope you do anyways :p. For this event, the thing is that you don’t necessarily get a lot of time to prepare, approximately 6 weeks although some have prior experience but the promotion matches everyone up in a safe and smart way which is extremely important. They put on a classy show, this isn’t just some gangsta’ brawl. In fact, the majority of the attendees and scrappers are white collar types in business so put your preconceived notions aside.

While I can’t tell you too much about what Ben is doing , I can tell you that he is doing work in the gym or the ring sparring, doing drills, or strength and conditioning just about every day per week. He has a team of people working with him and he is so gonna bring it 😉 Six weeks doesn’t give you much time so you have to really get in and get shit done and boy is he ever! He not only is beyond diligent and eager with his training regime, he is just as meticulous and motivated with his dietary and supplement regime. I told you this guy is badass and I only say what I mean 😉 He inpires the hell out me and some days I seriously think I might be more excited for this for him that he is lol.

I highly suggest you come out to support Ben so get your tickets NOW for this high class kick in the ass event! See you there 😀

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