>Today was the first day I started training with Jordan and Tommy at Launch http://www.welovelaunch.com/launchpad-testimonial.htm . For me, my passion is Muay Thai but I figure that if they are willing to take me on, I will do whatever I can to get them to their goal (one of my new goals) to the 2012 Olympics. I can start there and hopefully within the next few years, get at least one pro mma fight under my belt (good ole bucket list, or fuck-it list whatever ;p). I will continue with my training for my fitness competitions and will also continue with my M.T. and conditioning as well. It has been a while since I have strictly done any boxing or martial arts training and they needed to assess where I am at so today, while we did spar, we also did some of the basics. I am still learning and I am easily frustrated, but NEVER a quitter. Jordan is a spunky little thing and for once I actually got to train with a girl who took it seriously! I think she is gonna kick all kinds of ass, just hopefully never mine LOL 😉 Both Jordan and Tommy are very well skilled and educated and I am so honored to be training with them.
Today we did some warmup drills with the stick and did some balance footwork that I sucked at LOL (I said it’s been a while ok). We than put our wraps and gloves on and started the sparring. We ended with some 2 minute intervals on the bag. Shit I love this stuff! The feeling you get afterward is wicked and I can’t wait for our next session!!!!

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