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I am not sure if I got this from one of my textbooks or from Fred “Dr. Squat” Hatfield, but here is a great tool for you to use to figure out your current bodyfat levels if you do not have access to a hydrodensity tank or calipers and a qualified “technician” This is only a guideline but might help you in your quest for a ripped body 😉 :

MULTIPLY YOUR WEIGHT (lbs) BY 1.082 EX. IF YOU WEIGH 200lbs (200 x 1.082= 216.40 lbs)

ADD 94.42 (Weight Factor) EX. 216.40 + 94.42= 310.82lbs

YOUR WAIST MEASUREMENT AT NAVEL X 4.150 (Waist Factor) E.X. 34 ” waist x 4.15 = 141.10

WEIGHT FACTOR – WAIST FACTOR E.X. 310.82-141.10 = 169.72lbs (169.72 lbs is your lean body mass)

ACTUAL WEIGHT – LEAN BODY MASS E.X. 200lbs – 169.72lbs = 30.28lbs (30.28 lbs is your body fat mass)

BODYFAT MASS/ACTUAL WEIGHT X 100 E.X. 30.28/200 X 100 = 15.14 %



With accurate body girth measurements done at thigh, hips (buttocks), iliac, and abdomen (mean of abdomen 1 and abdomen 2) The regression equation (N = 400) developed for predicting body density was: body density = 1.168297 – (0.002824 x abdomen) + (0.0000122098 x abdomen2) – (0.000733128 x hips) + (0.000510477 x height) – (0.000216161 x age) [SEE = 0.009486784 (4.2% body fat), R = 0.889, adjusted R2 = 0.787]. The use of three girth measurements, height, and age allows for a way to predict body density that is comparable in accuracy to those using skinfold calipers and, thus, are a viable alternative.

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