Better late than never! The 10th Annual ISSN Conference in Colorado Kicks Ass

I am not sure if it is my brain crashing over the past while that is the reason I have lost my creativity and my oomph for writing, but I am working on that whole balance thing to take time for me and will hopefully be back up and running soon. I am late on getting this post done of the 10th annual ISSN Conference that happened a few weeks back in the beautiful city of Colorado Springs.  That place is so legit when it comes to hot spots for training and nutrition (can you say NSCA headquarters,Olympic Training centre…) that I am pretty sure MC Hammer wrote 2Legit based on it :p If you are not of the era to know what or who I speak of, here you go and you can thank me later for exposing you to this bit-o-woah  

Hey look it’s a picture (since no one really likes to read anymore I’m told:p) of some of the awesome peeps from the conference

——-> like the beautiful Abbie Smith Ph.D. CISSN and Kelly Kennedy, PhD, CISSN


007 <———– HEY LOOK it’s Tony Ricci and Rick Collins looking badass

The weekend was F-U-L-L. The really great thing about the conference was that yes, it was exceptionally educational, but it was wicked fun and while these are all PhD’s and muscle nerds, you would never guess it from their down to earth, hilarity of personalities. Aside from the weekend courses ranging from the kick ass Shawn M. Arent, PhD, FACSM, CSCS on The Psychology of Supplementation (sorry Shawn that I got you prior to the exorcism in this picture apparently :p)


to the beautiful Carla Sanchez’s talk on Building the Competitive Physique Without Stepping on Stage,078

one of several of MusclePharm’s talks on not only supplementation/nutrition but on advances in technology based activity programs like exergaming for kids


discussions on various topics from innovations within the industry, to building a lasting product and brand in the industry, current research on getting jacked and performing like a mutha lol as well as the ISSN rountable disscussion with some of the

smartiest of pants’.


This weekend also happened to fall on a fight night, UFC 161 to be exact. A bunch of us all headed out to watch the beatdowns and had a faaaaaaantastic evening watching people get pummeled. TBH though the fights were somewhat disappointing but hey, at least they showed up right?!?

I loved watching Rosi Sexton and fellow Canadian Alexis Davis do their thang woooooh to the women! images

Postscript….sorry my arrows don’t actually point directly to the pictures. I would like to state for the record that those arrows are NOT legit and should be beaten with fists of fury until they find their homes in the correct positioning on the damn page, just saying…go to your home arrows. Go to your homes you are missed 🙁

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