The Best Fitness Trackers

In this day and age, there is most certainly not a lack of information (ease of) accessibility. Quality wisdom and knowledge with appropriate actionable behaviours is although a much harder resource to come by.  Along with that last statement, nothing works if you don’t, so that is an incremental piece to owning a fitness and health tracker as well which I will delve into a tad later on.

Best Body Bang for Your Buck

When Liz reached out to me about Reviews article on the Best Fitness Trackers, I was immediately down to be involved. This has been a topic that I have touched on before and go on about in real life about as this became such a boom over the past couple of years yet obesity and lifestyle health issues are still on the rise. The review made two of my favourite points with one being that the trackers are not very accurate, but they are consistent – a KEY point in any transformative behaviour and lifestyle modification.


The article breaks down 87 different popular trackers from Garmin, FitBit, TomTom and iFit and gives the top 3 in terms of best heart rate monitoring, GPS, step counts and of course relate it to price, or best bang for your buck. I wonder what the accuracy levels would be if they chose to review Polar, my long time personal fave WITH the strap (you need to get over ‘comfort’ if you want accuracy with any brand you choose the strap simply provides better feedback).



You can check out their breakdown of the best fitness trackers here.





Tracker Hacker

As previously mentioned, owning tools means nothing if you don’t use them, consistently. Using tools consistently is great, but knowing how to properly use and interpret the data is probably most important. There are great aspects to these types of trackers for accountability and motivation. If you have no idea where you need to even start, how much you should do, how hard you should work, reach out to someone like me 😉 to help you work through the info and help you not get too caught up in the details either!

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