Benefits of Rope Skipping for Kids

Aside from the ten million things I already do, I also teach a kids rope skipping program through UGOTFitness once per week. Okay so it is more like just playing and woohooing a lot and trying to control a room of 11-13 kids but hey, they are moving and we are having fun! I am pretty new to the working with a huge group of kids like this and man oh man it is fun but one helluva challenge to keep them all on the same page lol. I am always so paranoid to represent well and do my best which kicks my ass sometimes. I try TOO hard to be someone else’s perfect too often because of certain goals I set for my life but meh, I am learning to get back to letting go again. Being around kids and other wicked cool people (that is a whole other post there!) really helps. Man, I ALWAYS have so much to learn and welcome it even if I get flustered at times loL. It is so fun to watch these little people just play and NGAF <—-that is a vulgar acronym lol:) and omg I soooo don’t do that around kids…just an fyi!!

Aside from the factors listed in the article below of rope skipping (or any physical activity for that matter) it is a great outlet for kids that also helps set them up for success in other areas of their lives not just health. Anyhoo, check out some of the other reasons you might want to get on board the UGOT fitness train or even take up rope skipping yourself with YOUR kids.

Benefits of Rope Skipping for Kids

What Are the Benefits of Rope Skipping for Kids?

by Kimberly Nunley. July 14, 2011 from

Jumping rope is an exercise activity often seen in elementary-school settings, both during recess breaks and in structured physical education sessions. It’s something nearly anyone can do, alone or with a group. Jumping rope is a beneficial workout for adults, and there are numerous health benefits that kids specifically receive when they regularly jump rope. It’s important for children to be physically active to maintain their physical and cognitive health.

Improves Cardiovascular System and Bone Mass

Jumping rope elevates kids’ heart rates, which in turn strengthens their heart muscle and improves the efficiency of their circulatory system. Their hearts are able to pump a greater volume of blood with each pump and their bodies becomes better at transporting oxygen and nutrients through their blood. According to the American Occupational Therapy Association, kids who jump rope 15 minutes per day see bone mass development at the hip and lower back — areas that tend to weaken with age.

Burns Calories

Kids who regularly participate in jump rope sessions are at a reduced risk of obesity. Childhood obesity in the United States has significantly increased in recent years, with 16 to 33 percent of children and adolescents carry excess body fat, the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry reports. Jumping rope is an efficient calorie-burning activity; a 160-lb. person burns 730 calories per hour doing it, calculates. Kids will maintain their body composition when they burn the same number of calories they consume every day — and will lose body fat by burning more calories than they consume.

Improves Muscular Tone and Coordination

Being able to jump rope requires coordination, kinesthetic awareness and sensory abilities. Kids who regularly participate in jump-rope build more effective neuromuscular pathways, resulting in improved control over body movement. Jumping rope also boosts lower-body muscular tone, the FitDay website adds.

Increases Blood FlowJumping rope boosts blood flow in kids, which in turn improves their cognitive function and their ability to focus in classroom settings. The brain receives an increased feeding of both nutrients and oxygen, which results in an increased ability to focus mentally. In addition, the KidsHealth website notes, being physical active causes the release of endorphins, brain chemicals that help kids feel more happy and peaceful.

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