>Beautiful start to the day

When Kundalini awakening happens to people who are not on a spiritual path, the experience can leave them fragile and fragmented. As the Kundalini process involves a redefinition and reintegration of self, it adds extra pressure when people wish to suppress the transformation and insist to lead their lives normally.
This morning I started my day with some 40 minutes of meditation and some kundalini yoga. It has been a long time since I’ve done this so it will take me a while to remember all of my mantras I used to find so effectice and to get to the full state of stillness that I used to. I am finding a lot of the kundalini exercises pretty challenging again since I have not done them in so long which means feeling a bit “uncomfortable” again until my levels increase. It felt really good to start my day this way again. I remember doing these types of things with my dad. The first time he got me to do tense-release than meditation, I was about 16 or 17 I think and it was freaky. You get to this state where you are so relaxed and centered that you feel totally out of your own body. It feels amazing but at that age I didn’t know how to appreciate it and it scared me lol. I kept practicing and learning and through the years I understood it and lost that fear. It also brings up things that may have been surpressed and that can sometimes be scary but it is soooo therapeutic and enlightening. I love how energized but relaxed you feel after doing some of the kundalini poses like the “wheel pose”. I am really trying to get back to my old practices with all aspects of my training, nutrition and supplementation, and my mind-body connections.us

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