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Up to 3 online and one to two in person sessions just opened up.
I am a closet ninja, athlete, fitness competitor and certified personal trainer. I help make people awesome, kick ass or just plain kick life’s ass using nutrition, training and confidence coaching. When life gets tough, you need to get tougher because life is about survival of the fittest.
My goal is to provide clients with the tools and reality checks they so often need in order to live their best lives whatever that means to them by providing research based and proven methodologies in fitness, nutrition and confidence coaching.
AthleticTraynorServices will provide the options of online programs and coaching, in-home or facility based training to accommodate the client’s needs and wants at an intensity that is both safe yet effective and addresses the time-sensitive. As an experienced trainer who often has had to train with nothing but limited space and bodyweight as well as being on the go and often rushed, ATS can tackle most of the common excuses out there for not working out. ATS has been involved in the industry for over a decade and has experience in so many different areas from personal training, life coaching, nutrition and supplements, fitness competitions, research and writing, sales and customer service. All of the aforementioned aspects bring together an ideal conglomeration of tools for helping to create an overall life for others that allow potential clients to live out their health, fitness and life goals.
If you want something in life, the first step is owning who you are, what you want and being your best version of you. Don’t just want it, think about, be about it, BE it!
Toronto and Mississauga area for in person training. Contact me for details!

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