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>I have been struggling a LOT lately and while I have done it in the past, I can’t seem to get ME back. I know better with a lot of things and am reverting back to the basics.For my training I will only be doing 3 days of weight training with 12 mins of cardio AFTER the session and that is it. I will of course slip in my boxing and mma stuff when I can though. No more 2-a-days no more 7 days per week of training no more overtraining…period ;p Shit I know better but in all honestly I just crave movement or am just a really anxious person. I need to relax and simmer down, going full speed all the time is destroying me and I have known this for a while but refused to admit it. This will be a very hard thing to do for me but I know I need to get back to my basics or I will keep feeling like hell and getting fatter and puffier and moodier LOL. My overtraining has become a total addiction since the beginning of this year. I just wanted my body back so badly that I lost sight of what I knew would work. I have used a formula to calculate my caloric needs and bodyfat levels and will be eating a minimum of 6 meals per day with carbs eaten completely separate from my proteins and fats, 4-6L of distilled water. I will only eat 2 carb meals on training days with one of them being post-workout. My supplements will ONLY be whey protein as needed, Udo’s oil, omega 3 fish oils, probiotics,CLA, multi vitamin/mineral, additional C, and my BCAA’s/ Glutamine. I am starting this on Monday but for now am just trying to take advantage and pretending like the not working out isn’t driving me bonkers ;p I am also shamelessly eating like shit but in all honesty, I need to allow myself to do this. It really doesn’t feel good but I am so lethargic right now (totally cut out fat burners which I have relied on for so long) so I will just let myself be. Other than the occasional cheat meal MAYBE once per week or my post competition meal, I have been eating diligently and meticulously clean for over 9 years since I first changed my life around. Up until this past Sunday I have been eating 6 meals per day with protein at each meal and drinking 6L of water and doing all of the things that MOST would do to get ready for a competition but there is a little know secret that made this not work. Again, this is something I have known for years but for some stupid reason I just couldn’t grasp it again. If you look at pictures of me from the past 8 years (this year I look like a pubescent pillsbury dough boy) I looked healthy and lean. How did I do that and maintain it for 8 years, by following the principles I KNOW work. This is all pretty tough to deal with psychologically and physically but it needs to be done. I come from a very holistic place and I somehow lost that over the past year. I am bringing ME back and while it may take some time, I will get there again.

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