>AthleticTraynorServices and The Fit Club

>I am pretty excited to be teaming up with the awesome people at www.thefitclub.ca to bring a positive, encouraging and supportive healthy environment and way to train and eat. I love doing in home and on site training but it can really take a toll on you time-wise to rely solely on that. One of the owners at The Fit Club, Jamie Wilson, offered to open their facility to me for one-on-one, partner and group training.There will also be nutrition and supplementation guidelines for a progressive and healthy life changing effect NOT a quick fix. Wanna lose fat? Play like an athlete? Be healthy? Come on in! I will probably do some kind of fun classes too. They are just getting moved in but the facility is up and running downtown London Ontario on the corner of York and Talbot. I am still doing online programming and such globally (wow that sounds badass lol) as well but to have a base facility is pretty awesome too and takes a bit of stress off. I am sure there will be tons of fun and healthy things brewing up with everyone involved so stay tuned! Have a great night and your order for the evening is laugh until it hurts 😀

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