Are you just a dollar sign or a number?

I am beyond excited to be working with one of my newest clients. Okay so I LOVE all of my clients but this is one that sort of hits home with me and her situation is something that I am very passionate about helping change and bring to light. She is an absolutely gorgeous, hard working mom, trainer, and a figure competitor. So here we go, check the scenario  and why I am passionate about her particular sitch.

She competed previously and got some pretty good results. In my opinion she looked wicked good but this time around she wanted to try someone new because they themselves got good results and were put on a sort of `pedestal`so they must be good and can help her right :p Ok well not only did she pay for it monetarily, but health wise and mentally too. Now she is luckier than I was a few years back when I fell for this same thing and just like me, she knew better and in her gut that things weren`t legit but we both digress, and she doesn`t seem to have suffered any real metabolic damage. I know this as it has been a few weeks since she gave her coaches the boot and while she is suffering some setbacks, there doesn`t seem to be the extreme rebound weight despite eating well, and there are not as of yet, any new allergies of medical issues aside from some things with her moods, periods and energy levels. She was smarter than I was and fired her trainer before it got too bad. Good for you!!

So here is a little rundown of how you can save yourself some money and health issues and how you will know whether your prep coach is really there for you or just for your money. Are your concerns and questions welcomed and addressed? Is your training AND nutrition plan periodized aka different sets, reps, tempos, exercises, time and type, change of cals and or macros throughout? Is your plan stale and boring and not at all enjoyable (yes prep is tough or everyone would do it but it shouldn`t be something you dread)? Is your nutrition too restrictive, void of any variation and nutrients? Are you getting various assessments done every few weeks? Do you flat out feel like ass, have no energy, are constantly starving and moody?

These are just some of the things that you should look out for and while you may have to make some slight sacrifices on mood and hunger (not everyone does) as you are very close to the show, this should not be throughout your entire prep. Here is a major factor that pisses me off too, are you being treated like a nuisance or being brushed off even though you paid for a service? Regardless of a shitty program THE most important thing in my opinion and what will keep your clients coming back as well as referrals, is how you make them feel and how you treat a person. I cannot get over the fact of how some people are in a people business and make their clients feel like crap or go around bad mouthing and blaming them!!! If you are one of these people, please NEVER call yourself a professional. If you are too busy, don`t take the clients money or accept them as clients and if you get in and at a point down the road find now you can`t handle it, help them find someone who can help them don`t just be a douche. If you are going to treat them as a burden to you or bash them and blame them when it is YOU who needs to first revisit what you are doing and why your client is not getting results or is just very unhappy. Yes sometimes it IS the client who needs to look inside of themselves but even in this case, it is NOT okay to make them feel like garbage.

Back to my new client…I reviewed her prep plan and aside from being shocked at how she was treated, I was shocked (ok not really as upon reviewing everything it just confirmed what I had already suspected) at how she was never assessed in the beginning or throughout other than her scale weight, her training and nutrition plan was in no way progressive or periodized (it was quite literally something you could have pulled out of a magazine in both regards), her calories were well beyond too low, she was doing a ton of cardio even right off the bat and this was the only thing that actually changed as it was `gasp` doubled closer to the show, her nutrition plan was void of nutrients and was well below her even resting needs and on and on it goes. If your gut is telling you something is wrong or if you are feeling all around like garbage, please know that it is not just the way things are when you do a show. It doesn`t have to be. Also, simply going by how they look is not the right way to go either as everyone`s body, life and goals are different and I know many who are ripped but can`t produce results on various populations. You must also know that there are so many out there who are not natural or who will do anything regardless of health and if you are not interested in that and want to feel and look good as well as being a REAL role model, keep searching to find your fit.

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