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It has been several weeks of working with amateur MMA fighter Courtney Belcher and I am happy to say that things are going well. She has had some good body comp changes and performance is always getting better with her as she is not afraid to push or to take on any challenge (hell she spars solely with guys!). We have had to make several dietary adjustments to fit things into her lifestyle and as we keep making progress, we have decided on some new goals. Since finding fights for her class is more of a challenge than other weight classes and the range is around 40lbs (depending on the organisation she could be a heavyweight or a super heavyweight) , we have decided to work to get her to the lower end of the heavy weight class so if a fight comes up in the next weight class we can than get her down to that class with a healthy weight cut. Courtney is waiting to find out about a fight in December (come on people this girl is working her ass off so get her the damn fight and ladies get on it lol) but things are still up in the air so I have changed up her strength and conditioning to an undulating protocol. I have chosen this for several reasons a few of which are that I feel in her case this will help more with body comp and will allow her to be prepared more readily at the drop of a hat so to speak since we don’t actually have a set fight date yet. Every girl, regardless, deserves the same respect and chances that men get and this girl puts forth the same tenacity, dedication and passion that any man does (insert rant here :p) and my vow is to help those such as Courtney who are fighting that fight! Recently Courtney was interviewed by Pugilista and you can find out more about her here:

Part OneĀ

Part Two

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