Allergies, Recalls and Health Hazards

I am SO happy that it seems more people are finally starting to take control of their health and to learn, learn, and learn some more about the importance of nutrition and what they put in their bodies which involves eating from Mother Nature. It seems that while this number has been increasing, and more health and fitness professionals to shows like the Doctors and Dr. Oz and let’s not forget films like Food Inc. that are helping to spread the message and empower people.Unfortunately the unhealthy, obese, diseased population is still far out weighing this growing yet still very small population of health-conscious individuals. Aside from simply recommending just eating real organic fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds and meats from properly raised and farmed animals, I know that many are still eating even the occasional factory made foods and some of these foods on the list are even from certain farms too! I wanted to give you a little tool or website if you will, that will help to empower you just a little more. This site gives you lists of foods that have been listed as promoting or aggravating allergies, may have health hazards and/or have been recalled for some other deleterious reason. This is the site that you can check to see any of the latest food products (and other products) you will want to steer clear of:

Always keep learning!  Be well 🙂

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