All Natural-MUST be good right?

Deception is everywhere so as a consumer it is important to arm yourself with information. Not going to name company names but I did want to give you an example of why it is important to not just believe the outer label of products you MUST look deeper and read the labels!!! All Natural as a marketing term is a great way to reel in those who are looking to improve their health but does that mean that it is a healthy product for you to consume? No way! Here is an example of a product that many who are just learning about foods/food products that is hands down garbage but these poor people really don’t know any better:

(remember the outer label and package says all natural)

Ingredients with some ommitted:

corn syrup

high fructose corn syrup


fractioned palm kernal oil

rice flour

non fat dry milk powder

Now I don’t know about you but these do not sound like healthy ingredients to me even if they are “all natural”, and by the way, they are NOT healthy just in case my sarcasm was lost in translation :). When reading labels the ingredients are listed in order of highest amount to lowest amount and these are pretty high on the list. Another deceptive line often used is “great source of energy”. ANYTHING that is a food or food product is really a source of energy, energy for the sake of simplicity is just calories so a “great source” is most likely a “huge source” of calories and most likely junky ones at that.

The take away from this is that if you are putting it in your body don’t just go by the outer packaging you should dig deeper and learn to read labels and look for ingredients you are familiar with and are simple and wholesome. If you need some help learning what to look for even above and beyond even ingredients you can pronounce, just send me a message and I would love to help out 🙂

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