>All kinds of WTF and Stuff…Are u living or lying (to yourself)

>I’ll admit that I re-invent myself possibly more frequently than I should, and maybe not, and maybe I will keep doing so (really who is to determine this for me for you or for anyone). I guess that is just what keeps things interesting and as many tell me, keeps people on their toes or wondering wtf I am up. Well it really has nothing to do with anyone, it is just me because at the end of the day or even in death, we are the only ones that really have to be with and deal with us so make sure you like you. I, like many are a very multifaceted person but the difference lies in the fact that I have shown it,lived it, been judged, ridiculed, misunderstood and dismissed and will continue to do so…have you? Have you taken a leap and put yourself out there or gone against the norm,spoken up against or about something even if it went against the accepted, taken risks that have sent you plummeting (temporarily) into the depths of “what that fu@k”? If not, you have not even come close to living! Oh I have done this “putting myself out there” and taking risks”, being “legit”, thing more times than I can even count anymore and oh hell I have fallen and been beaten down so many times that even my scars have scars but you know what, I have less regrets than many and boy have I had some good times ;)Yes I do realise things are about perspectives, hence why I wrote a previous blog post about it, but there are also just some really shitty people out there too (sorry!) By the way what do I mean being legit? I mean saying what I feel and/or see and getting the hell away from those who are not legit and spend more time talking crap about others and living in other ppls lives than to live their own. Run! Seriously, or you become that and lose your SELF. Sure there was a point in my life where I just smiled and nodded and took it and ‘GASP’ found myself censoring me, I was weak, it was shameful, but it was all a learning process and boy did I learn! I am honestly obsessed with trying to help others to succeed however and whatever, helping people in ANY way gives such a europhic feeling it is unreal and nothing makes my heart smile more.I have caused many failures in my life doing this in many avenues and have had plenty of hardships/heartaches in my own life by doing this but while I may sometimes bitch and moan or vent (I am human deal with it! or don’t whatever), I wouldn’t have it any other way. Yeah I am starting to learn that looking out for me too will help me help others, thanks Wayne 😉 btw if you are on twitter, seriously hook up with this guy @NLYlifstyle.com he is one bad ass mutha lol. I have also learned that where I come from, what I have been through in MANY ways is a gift and a blessing that I can use to teach and protect and also use as fuel and hope you will do the same. Turn your negatives into positives for others. Let where you came from or where experiences have taken you be the roadblock for others to have to go through the same pain whatever area that may mean (did that make sense?!?! oh well let’s not censor now Melissa ;p)

You may not know who your are or what your good at or your purpose, but it will come.We all have a place and a purpose…ALL of us. It may take more risks, more failures, more self-exploration than for some but that is absolutely okay and I even encourage it but just be the best at being you and doing it how you do it oh and p to the s on this whole thing, find a balance, find people who just accept you and help you and push you to be better how YOU want or need to be better…God knows I have had my share even if they were/are very few and far between and maybe only for a season or a reason, not a lifetime, and I am so grateful for them!!! It may take time to find them, but they are out there and they are awesome 🙂 Balance the crap out there with these ppl and you will find being you and feeling just a little less alone and lost when you are going through hell. (Did I mention that you can ALWAYS reach out to me if you need anything, an ear, a laugh, a hug whatever and I will never judge, just love you that much more:)

I guess the point of this post, if there has to be one ;p is simply that life is about living and risk, about changing, about learning and about being your authentic self whatever that means to YOU. There will be times when it all seems hopeless and taking the world on your own may be too much but just know that it WILL get better and you WILL get through it and most of all that you are NEVER alone as long as I am still breathing (okay and my being cognitive is probably important too lol).

Be the Best of Whatever YOU Are

If you can’t be a pine on top of the hill,
Be a scrub in the valley but be.
The best little scrub by the side of the rill;
Be a bush if you can’t be a tree.
If you can’t be a bush be a bit of the grass,
And highway happier make;
If you can’t be a muskee then just be a bass–
But the livliest bass in the lake!
We can’t all be captains, we’ve go to be crew,
There’s something for all of us here,
There’s big work to do and there’s lesser to do,
And the task you must do is the near.
If you can’t be a highway then just be a trail,
If you can’t be the sun be a star.
It isn’t by size that you win or you fail–
Be the best of whatever you are!

-Douglas Malloch

YOU ROCK and don’t you forget it!

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