A little while back now I was given the opportunity by the rocking PhD candidate Mike T. Nelson and Dr. Doug Bibus, founder of Lipid Technologies, to take part in what is called the Holman Blood Spot Test. This is THE gold standard test for Omega 3 and fatty acid profile testing and my results were pretty cool. I eat a decent amount of fatty fish, eat healthy nuts, use other oils like olive and coconut for cooking, when I do :p as well as take a liquid 1-2 x daily supplement of Udo’s Oil and Ascenta or Progressive’s Omega 3 with D thinking I am doing the “right thing”. Needless to say, my results were interesting and it was pretty cool to be tested. I love being a guinea pig. Now I cannot share with you the specifics of my test and results or the protocols involved but if you are interested in finding out your own results or a team of people, please inquire at the site their site. What I can tell you as stated by Dr. Bibus:

“If you are looking for ways to balance out your omega 3 and omega 6 in your diet. There is an excellent resource by Dr Bill Lands called the Omega Balance Score system. This system ascribes a number or score to foods based on their level of omega 6 or omega 3.  You can find this program at Click on ‘Nix the 6 Eat the 3’ for an introduction and then click on ‘Omega 3 Balance Scores’ to be able to see food omega 3 balance scores.”

Pretty interesting stuff 😉

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