Melissa Traynor ACSM EP-C, CISSN, PN1 has been involved in many aspects of the fitness and health industry for 15+ years. Physical activities of all kinds, nutritious food, mindfulness and a never-ending drive to not accept the fate she was born into, has helped her to overcome many obstacles in her life.

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She is known to be someone who thrives on helping empower (#MPOWER) others to break barriers and unleash their inner warrior to live their best lives on their own terms. This is done through many forms of media, coaching, consulting and just about any way needed to spread the power of holistic health and community. She states, “When people are mentally and physically fit and happy within themselves and their own lives, this positivity spreads. The more we ALL can help others to achieve this, the stronger we are on a global scale.  My focus is not just women but it is my passion to help girls/women to stand strong within themselves and outwards in life. It’s hard to be strong in our society.  In fact, it is often frowned upon. I want to help people of all kinds to have a voice, a LOUD voice.



Melissa Traynor has a black belt in “keeping it real” and when asked what she wanted to do when she grew up she said, “Build ladders,  tear down walls, and smash glass ceilings!”