A Conglomeration of Mild Rants


If you were to read some things I post on here or facebook or have even heard me rant about, you might think certain things like that I think ALL man made foods are horrible, ALL pharmaceuticals are horrible, ALL allopathic doctors are horrible and just don’t care, ALL machines and slow cardio and bootcamps are horrible…well guess what? I don’t believe ANY of that….period! I don’t believe anything for that matter is quite so simple. Never really have and never will but the key is to use your filter¬† (part of why I stopped reading anything but textbooks, journals, my resources and my certifications site for the most part) and of course pay more attention to what you are putting out there too I suppose. I have had many experiences that have shaped many, what I suppose you could call “beliefs”, both good and bad that yes can sometimes overshadow some things (never said I was perfect;) )about certain things but that is the thing…I have had many experiences, made many mistakes and taken many chances. These have either just been through my own or those I have worked with, spoke to, hung with. Okay so it has taken me far too long to finally own some things but I think it is time to stop “pretending” on some things and just get real and use the voice I have been given. Don’t like it, don’t agree with it, well that is just too bad and clearly I must be doing something right for you to be paying attention ;). Well back to my little statement above…I have never believed in a one size fits all approach to anything. That is the one thing I will say IS horrible. Are you going to tell me that the “man made” fortified food that is just cheap enough to feed a family of 5 for a night instead of starving is not better than splitting a few leaves of organic greens? Will these greens fill up the family and give them the same amount of nutrients that the “man made” fortified food will? I think not.

Have you ever seen someone so in pain it is unbearable, due to some horrible disease and told them no you shouldn’t have that morphine to stop your terrible misery or no you shouldn’t have that surgery to remove that cancerous tumour, instead you MUST treat it with essential oils and vitamin therapy. Umm I sure hope you don’t ever do this because I think that is just damn cruel. I am most certainly an advocate for prevention and natural treatment and remedies but it shouldn’t be a one OR the other, it should be a combination on an as needed basis. Yes there are many doctors that prescribe needless surgeries and drugs way too quickly but that isn’t all of them. Yes there is a lack of bedside manner and respect for other members of a team in various areas, but not all are like this and hell it must be super tough to be a GP or otherwise. The key of course is to care though and if you lost that, get the fuck out of it PLEASE!

You have someone who is frail and has never lifted a weight in their life and who wants results as quickly as possible and are going to tell them “no way” are you using machines that is just not “natural”. Well you sir or madam need to give your head a shake in my opinion. Am I a fan of “bootcamps” for the most part? Not so much, not my personal preference or style for teaching others, BUT there are some incredible coaches who do them and yes there is a time and place for them and for so many things. THAT is my point. I feel like and have watched and lived through some great progress in many realms of health and fitness related issues such as acknowledgment and collaboration in many areas as an overall “team” but my goodness it still really sucks a lot too. Are chiropractors better than massage therapists? Nope. Are personal trainers better than strength coaches? Nope. Are surgeons better than PSW’s? Nope. Are you picking up what I am laying down? EVERYONE works as part of a team for the individual otherwise you are more interested in ego or $ from what I have learned.

I am not nor will ever claim to be an expert at anything, I don’t need to be because that is not my goal. What I do need to be is better at being and doing and helping. Do I want to have the biggest voice ever to be able to reach as many people as I can? Hell yes! Why is this you ask? Because I don’t believe in black or white, one size fits all and want to keep learning how to be better at teaching this. I also know that the one thing that I will ever claim to be an expert at is that while I am not perfect by any stretch, I am an expert at being legit in wanting to help change the world and always wanting and trying every day to¬† just be a better me to help others be better themselves too. My point here IF I even need one, is to learn, live, learn some more, make up your own mind and oh yeah, don’t be a close minded or arrogant person. EVERYONE has something to offer and there are so many “tools” out there to be used.

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