Health and Fitness People, Step Up!

I am out visiting in the US and boy does it ever break my heart and anger me at the same time just how bad things really are in the way of overall health and well being. I have always been and always will be so proud to be Canadian and while I have spent a lot of my life in the US I don’t think it really hit me until I have been spending more time here and witnessing just how bad things are even here and worst of all with those who even “look the part” but don’t live it or even know how to. I knew how bad it was in other countries and I can understand why because they don’t have the money or access like we do in North America but shit North America what is YOUR excuse? By no means am I saying that Canada is better or whatever but I am sorry to say, from what I have seen and experienced, we are much more in tune with not only the health of our physical and spiritual selves but that of our environment as well. Is this post just for the sake of making judgements and such, no not at all! It is because I have even more fuel in my fire and while I knew it was bad from the news and other media in other countries and yes even in the US, I never really payed as much attention to it this close to home because I suppose I just assumed that with all of the priveledges we do have here in North America, it wasn’t quite so bad…wow was I wrong. I walk around the local shops or even just outdoors and it tears my heart up to not even see more than one even slightly healthy “looking” person for every 10-20 people I see. Even the so called healthy “looking” people I can just about guarantee from what I am now witnessing between my travels and having clients from around the world, is that they may appear healthy but their health and lifestyles tell a very different story.

These poor people I really believe do not truly know any better thanks to money driven marketing campaigns which is part of why I actually ever wanted to get into competing, I NEVER gave a shit about being a model on the cover of a magazine, yes that was a fun thing on the path to get people to pay attention, but nope never was my goal 😉 It has always been about being a role model and finding whatever way I can to get people to pay attention, to reel them in, so I can help make some much needed changes. Why do people fall for and believe that eating at McDonald’s or doing retardo workouts in bodybuilding magazines and celebrity diets of starvation and endless cardio? Well because pop culture and media is cool and everyone wants to be cool right so if they are doing it, it must be right and good for me too. I will admit that I got caught up in some BS for a while because that was all that I was surrounded by and didn’t have anyone “legit” to stand by me and it got the best of me. People, characters (think Ronald McDonald) put on a pedestal as role models alongside bullshit that deteriorates your health and your wallet while feeding their bottom line at your expense. This stems to more than just fast food, it is grocery products, supplements, trainers and gyms all who don’t give a shit about you. Want to know some examples or what to look out for, send me an email I would be more than happy to help you protect yourself. I don’t claim to know everything but believe me, I have tested and been tested MANY fads, gimmicks and other bullshit over the years and have had my foot in many areas of health and fitness and well being for many years now. I have always had a plan of sorts, yes many things in life over the past couple 2 years threw my plan off and me off my path (shit and life happens to EVERYONE and no one is superhuman) and having full clarity on how to do what I wanted to do but I have made strides and am making more everyday. I have always wanted to help people be happy, healthy, successful and figuring out exactly how to “brand” myself so I can reach as many people as possible has been tough but like it or not, I am not going anywhere.

I have been working out at this particular gym and it is pretty good in the sense that it tailors to a wide range of people but I also see and hear some of the “trainers” feeding their clients with utter nonsense and performing things that just don’t make sense from what I overhear their clients goals to be. One huge thing that I have learned is that their are trainers who do it because they want to have some kind of status or just for the quick money and than there are those who legitametly want to help people. The latter are those who cut up other trainers/gyms and have that arrogant I know everything don’t ask me questions just do as I say attitude, and the others are those who ask others in the industry questions, reach out, continue learning and put their clients first not their own cultish way of training and eating. However you are dealing with or trying to help people, be sure that your doing it for the right reasons and if you are, step up in any and every way you can to help our world. Be it coaching, speaking, writing, whatever just step up and do SOMETHING! Every little bit counts, I truly believe that. Keep learning so you can keep teaching, however that gets done. BE the role model and this does not mean being “perfect” (whatever that means to you or others) but you MUST live the life in order to preach it and teach it. There are millions of people who need our help so step up somehow because an act of ommission is often as detrimental as an act of commission. Maybe you’re still learning, hell everyone is in my opinion even if you have been “doing it” for decades, but what you do already know may be a lot more than that poor young girl with diabetes, or that severly obese man in the scooter who can’t even walk 2 blocks or even that skinny fat person with high blood pressure who just doesn’t know how or what to do to even take that first step. If you have some kind of power, use if for good instead of evil (this is a somewhat metaphorical statement that I hope certain people in particular can pick up on).  I have experienced too much competition and I get that everyone needs to make a living but if you are truly in the health and fitness industry for the right reasons, drop your ego, network, reach out and let us all be links in a worldwide chain of change.

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