>It’s been a while since I have just posted a “fun” (really it is only fun if you like to be tortured such as I do lol) workout. This circuit is designed for killer fat burning and conditioning. You will have to use a lighter weight than you normally would for the allotted exercises and rep ranges so be smart and most of all SAFE. I am off to do this workout now for the first time and will be implementing it at least once per week, we will see how it goes 🙂

15 reps of each exercise per side if applicable. Perform the entire circuit than rest for 2 mins or until you are mentally and physiologically ready, and repeat 3 times. Obviously you should be performing some kind of warmup and follow the workout up with maybe 5 mins of biking and some stretching.

Power Clean to Press
Lumberjack Squat to Press (unilateral)
Side Lunge with Lateral Raise Throws from the ground
Glute Ham Raise

I apologize in advance because I am pretty sure that your butt is gonna be sore like a mutha tomorrow 🙂

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