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I love helping people in any way I can and I figured I would help you save some money with this post. Who doesn’t love that right! I am not endorsing any of these products or otherwise but you just may find some useful things within this for you and your life so why not try to help you help you 😉 Here are a few sites, some with apps that you can use to help you find free stuff, deals and otherwise in Toronto or Canada in general:

  1. – This site has everything from contests to coupons to freebies for food, trips, beauty products, diapers and more.
  2. – I actually met the founders of this company while volunteering at Night To Nurture and let me tell you, great guy and a total family man. This is actually pretty cool as there is not only the site but there is the app too. You can enter your postal code and it will let you know of deals in your area and it will even categorize or section things out for you based on what you are searching for deals on. You can find locations like Home Depot, Canadian Tire,  Metro, Ikea, Toys R US and more.
  3. – On here you can find deals and recalls, supplement coupons, beauty deals and coupons, coupons and discounts for restaurants and the list goes on.
  4. – This is where you can obviously find freebies for your birthday including foodstuffs, events and deals on merch of all varieties.
  5. – Sign up for free and they will send you samples based on the profile you list.

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