Quantify Your Health

To be honest, most apps and tracking items are useless or simply not scientifically accurate (yet???). While that IS the truth for the majority of people who typically are the consumers, since they often either do not know how to use them, or they cheat (really only themselves), I retract my statement on hating these things. Why do I do this? Because while there is limited validity and proper usage of many of these techie items by the majority who REALLY need guidance, my preference is to focus on the positives of the attempts. For some, this is better than writing or taking pictures. For some, these are motivators and guides. For some, no for many, technology has consumed their lives and maayyyyybe technology can be used for good instead of evil? You really cannot please everyone much as you cannot use the same methods on everyone (hence my retraction).

I absolutely think that most people are really not (even close) at the level of even needing these things. I absolutely think that these things are also HUGE distractions or insignificant in terms of the end goals, but guess what? Fighting it is not going to change it. I wish it would, but it won’t. Instead, I will learn about these gadgets and do my best to help you or anyone else to learn to trust YOURSELF and become in tune with YOURSELF while doing my best to learn to embrace the rat race too :p

Source: Fix.com

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