Amateur Athlete Conditioning

I am still digging through some old files and will keep sharing PARTS of things with you :). I have learned a lot over the years in regards to many aspects of training, nutrition and well, life, and will keep learning while sharing things past and present with you. I have actually put myself through hell and back in a variety of ways to test and learn many horrible feats to help you from having to go through it (I also had a problem with picking just one things as I love so many…fyi that is not conducive with ultimate success. Yet another thing I learned for you….oh and that when you know something ie. how important rest and recovery is, and your body/mind is screaming at you, listen 😉 )

It was back in 2011 when I was working with amateur MMA fighter B.P., name is hidden to protect “mister pretty inconsistent” :p but a really great kid ;-D He has actually fought and won quite a few of his fights because he has a great coach(es) and team (no I don’t mean me lol but I did have the pleasure to work with them too so that is a legit statement). We didn’t have much space or tools and guess what? We didn’t need it and you don’t either. Yes there are many things to help get you there potentially faster and such, but frequently you just have to do with what you’ve got where you are. This is just a small part of his program which was a bit less “rigid” in person for a variety of reasons but on paper, this was a part of it I figured I would share. This was done (late into training) for additional conditioning 2x/week and since he already has some training under his belt, no injuries (aside from the minor ones you get in the sport no matter what you do lol) the exercises were appropriate. This may be something you can try out for yourself for your “cardio” training, or for some, even just as part of your overall training.

Warmup -Jump Rope and Muscle Activation:
-Glute Bridge 12/side
-Cobras (On a stability ball) 8 to 10
-Bird-Dogs 8 to 10
-Reverse Shrugs 8 to 10/side
-Scapular Push Ups 5 to 8/side
Assisted Squat 1 x 8

Active Mobility:
Ankle Mobility 5 medial, 5 lateral, 5 middle/side
-Rear Lunge to Twist 5/side
-Lateral Squat 5/side
-Overhead Broomstick Dislocation 10 to 12
MT`S Hip Mobility Drill and Cossacks
-Running (High Knees) 30 sec.
-Running (Kicking bum) 30 sec.
-Spider Crawl 30 sec.
-Cariocas 30

At the end of each workout-Foam Rolling:
-IT Band/Tensor Fasciae Latae 8-10/side
-Quads :
-Hip Flexors :
-Hamstrings :
-Gluteals :
-Thoracic Extension :
-Calves (w/tennis ball) :
-Peroneals (w/tennis ball) :
-Upper Back 8 to 10
-Lats 8 to 10/side

A1- Deadlift 8 REPS REST 30secs
A2 – Incline DB Press 10 REPS REST 30secs
A3 – Mountain Climber Holds (knee-in feet do not touch the ground) 8 each side REST 30secs
A4- Half Squats 8 REPS REST 30secs
A5 – Med Ball Chest Throws 15-20 REPS rest 30secs
A6 – TRX Rotational Rows 10 REPS REST 30secs
A7 – Front Squat Isometric Holds 30 SECS REST 30secs
A8 – Lateral Lunge Med Ball Rotation with Press 10 each side REST 30secs
A9 – Froggers to Hip Thrust 12 REPS
Finisher – 30 seconds of all out kick punch combos with 60 seconds rest for 5 rounds

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