Needs a title but think I was just angry lol

>So sick of your pseudo
Nothing about you is legit

Putting me in the front line
Your facade so illicit

What costume will you wear today
Who’s soul will you sell out

To get yourself a step ahead
What will you pretend you’re all about

No innovations, nothing your own
So dereliction you should be shown

You point your finger and judge things you simply do not know
But right back at you points three more, your sickness begins to grow

It feeds and preys but some will see and thrash you back to hell
Your soul you sold, but leave mine be it is not for you to sell

Step to me with something real and know what I’m about
Because if your motives are all your own, I will take you out

A solid stature you’ve tried to break
But you cannot destroy what you didn’t create

In the end what will win is virtue
Thy will be done, without the likes of you.

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