5 Quick Tips to Help You Stay On Track


I actually really enjoy those little reminders from people who are just starting out on their fitness and healthier life journeys. I never want to take for granted the things that I have learned in many facets in terms of nutrition, supplementation, training modalities for fat loss, muscle building, sport and fitness. Oh, the things I have done and learned and will always continue to. That brings me to my point; while it is not my job to ‘diet and exercise’, but damn it would be awesome if it was, it is my job to know as much as I can about it and helping make it work for others. This is why the simple things like this 5 quick tips to help you stay on track post exists 😉

There are some tried and true, simple things that you can do to help yourself as you begin. Seriously, you need to keep it simple and stay focused on one or two things until it sticks. Changes take time. In fact, I have a favourite saying that I use with one of my clients to try to reassure her to stay patient while embracing the imperfections as she learns, and to remind her to just keep going. To me and maybe some of you, some things seem to be a no-brainer, which is not and I appreciate the reminders of this validity, is most definitely not for others and that brings about the line I use with her that ‘I am not you, you are not me and I most certainly could not go and do ‘lawyering’ without having spent a buttload of time and effort learning and doing now could I’ ? Ok so it is not exactly like that but pretty close 😉 As she said, “we all have our ‘expertise'” and things we have focused a lot of energy into and that is why our careers are such. Along with that fact, never compare yourself to anyone anyway. We all have different bodies, lives, backgrounds, stories.

Enough with the rambling…

These are not fancy, exciting, or really even “new for many” tips but what they are reminders for many just getting going or really starting to dig their feet in:


Whether you choose to workout at after work or right before, pack your gear just like you pack for work that day. You can do this at night so it is ready to go in the morning, or you can do it first thing as part of your daily routine as you prep to head off to work. If you need some help, set a reminder on your phone, post a sticky note on the bathroom mirror or beside your bed. If you have what you need with you, there is one less excuse to not gym-it-up.


I am not going to advocate permanently eliminating people or places from your life, that is not my place to do so, but I will say that if there are unhealthy, unsupportive people and places in your life, I truly do feel that you need to minimize your exposures for a while. You are the company you keep. Surround yourself in places that feed your health and people that support that as much as you can. If you know there is a favourite bakery that is destroying your goals, do not go to it. Take another route on your way to or from work, and for now, say no to those who want to meet up at dessert and greasy food places for now and try making other suggestions for getting together. You are building your ‘strength’ at this point and creating a new healthier life for you, remember that but know that you are not eliminating people or places or things, you just may need to temporarily reduce exposures. Pick up health and fitness content (and subscribe to my blog posts ;)) to keep you motivated and surround yourself with others who are interested in success (your fitness and health is directly related to success in everything in life…PERIOD).


I am being a bit ridiculous in that subheading (your hippocampus is one major area of your brain relating to memory), but what I do mean by this is that you need to learn to forgive yourself and forget any faux pas you make along your journey. Guess what? That is a freaking process too and is totally ok! Don’t compare yourself to others. A lot of people need to be reminded of that from my experience. Not breeding that mentality can lead to a vicious cycle of all-or-none actions and reactions and we are not as simple as just being threshold stimuli 😉 Everybody fucks up. Don’t dwell in that and it won’t make or break things. That mentality is also what makes people panic and do dumb shit like cabbage soup diets and cleanses. Fitness doesn’t happen overnight and isn’t broken overnight either. Settle down, breathe, move forward, be patient.


This is something you probably think you know but really don’t. You need to spend a bit of mindful practice or time in conscious effort to take a look at yourself, your life and how it is working out for you. If you say you want something, are you really doing things to get it or are other things, maybe even yourself, sabotaging your efforts. Why do you think that is? There are a billion theories I can, many can, offer you but in the end the real hard work and the real change comes from you understanding what is the current priority and what are the precendents to that? Balance is a joke and a nice idea like fairies, unicorns and leprechauns. You will always have things that go from most important to least and maybe what you, and most people, need to understand is that your health and well-being IS EVERYTHING.


Now I am most certainly not advocating those types of gangs or the drink-the-koolaid kinds of gangs, but recruiting friends, family or coworkers to get involved in their health is a great way to succeed. This can also be as simple as hiring a health coach or trainer. This also relates back to number 2 and surrounding yourself with others who inspire, motivate and genuinely want to see and help you succeed. Find others you want to be like or feel you can relate to on many levels not just by appearances. Find who and what works for you and that are sustainable and modifiable.

With new years resolutions  coming at us all over the place, know that any  day could be the day, that is legit so just pick one and get to work.

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