Choose your words and actions carefully…

>I couldn’t sleep again last night I guess there is just a ton on my mind. I got to thinking about one of my best friends and this just came to me as I thought of her and thought of how she must’ve felt and what she must’ve thought. I still think of her a lot to this day she was an incredible girl xoxoxo. Maybe this came up because of all the news of suicides and bullying and so on lately I don’t know but I do know, you better choose your words and actions carefully towards anyone of any age, gender, race or creed, live by that because too many people go before their time because of that shit!


Cut it out and make me bleed
The anguish is all that’s been sustaining me

Quickly it pools, I am fading out
Second thoughts I’m having, but can no longer shout

Flashes pass before my eyes
Oh God why couldn’t they just hear my cries

Losing self, it’s now getting cold
The mystery I held will now never be told

Suddenly all I feel is a deep remorse
My life’s path just beginning but I choose this course

If only I had the chance to take it all back
But all that now surrounds me is cold and black

Please forgive my mistake this was not what I meant
I had a moment of weakness and could no longer take their torment

Twisted inside not from the bruises but their words and neglect
With all of that and what felt nothing else, what could you expect

But now it’s all over and they’ve won the game
And alone I will fade filled with guilt and shame

Oh what I wouldn’t do to rewind what I’ve done
And show them I’m stronger and deserve recognition

That no one will break me no matter how hard I fall
That I AM worthy of greatness and meant to heed a call

But into an abyss I soon shall pass
My light, my words, my gifts gone to waste, here there is no relapse

Leaving behind what felt a world so cruel
Reality being simply, my weakness I let rule

I chose to let them win instead of standing to fight
Now the only path left for me is to walk into the light.

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