>Okay so I lack fluidity in my posts whateves! I am backtracking to my post on linear periodization and to continue on with methods of periodized training, I will explain another progression that you can use that is based on a newer concept of nonlinear periodization. This concept allows for more variation in your training cycles that changes up your volume and intensity within each microcycle or week of training as opposed to the typical 4 week of the linear method. This nonlinear method will allow for adaptations in different physiological systems within a shorter period. This would thus mean potentially faster adaptations from the different energy systems, muscle hypertrophy as well as the all important neural adaptations in a shorter period of time and could potentially mean the ability of working on more than one goal at a time so to speak (faster results in less time..always a good thing).Your workouts would rotate between very heavy, heavy, moderate, power and light/endurance-type lifts. As an example, you would alternate between a heavy lift day (ie. 4-6RM) and another day you would have a moderate day (8-10RM) which would allow for the strength needed for your large muscle groups but also allow for hypertrophy of the small muscles of a joint. An example of a nonlinear periodized program would be:

Monday 1 – 4 sets 12-15RM
Wednesday 2 – 3-4 sets of 4-6RM
Friday 3 – 4 sets of 8-10 RM
Monday 4 – 4-5 sets of 1-3 RM
Wednesday 5 – power day 3-5 sets of 3 at 30-45% RM

I have followed this type of training and had gotten overall great results that allowed me to make incremental gains in strength and power while also being able to have good muscular endurance but of course that is all dependant too on what you are putting in your face and how your rest is. I am my own guinea pig a lot and like to try new things before testing it on others  I don’t know if that all makes sense but it does to me ;p

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