>I wrote a little “note” this morning and will share that with you. It’s funny how sometimes these just pop in my head and they “flow” in my head like nothing and I can remember the whole thing to write it down but I can’t often remember someone’s name five minutes after meeting them ;p I have been spending some time recently just being an observer and this came to my mind:

Jaded, getting skeptical about life

Wondering what’s worse, past or present situations and strife

Pretend it doesn’t exist and shield your eyes from society’s dismay

Or help make a change, look it in the face don’t turn and walk away

Look in the mirror do you like what you see

Have you sacrificed for others or are you living a self-fulfilling prophecy

Like it or not we are ALL in this together

Matters bigger than yourself are happening that will change this world forever

When you see hurt, suffering or acts of violence

Take a stand and do what’s right to help break the silence

Everyone everywhere deserves to have a voice

Open up your heart, your mind, your soul and help others who feel that’s not a choice

In each of us there is a gift that someone may look to when they need a hero

Don’t be afraid to embrace it, to nourish it and let your true colours show

With every step and action taken towards integration and a greater good

We move that much further on our own life path of happiness than where we all once stood.

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