>I am a bit busy right now so my posts are so few and far between right now but here is a little fitness tip for you:

More and more studies are being performed and are showing positive results for the usage of vibration machines on certain fitness aspects. There are a lot of claims made about these machines but the conclusive evidence so far it that they have a positive effect on flexibility and balance. Having aches and pains, inflammation? Try hopping on one of these and do your flexibility work on here too. For the elderly or others who would simply like to improve their balance, yup get on it. It is always best to start with the shortest time frame and frequency and if you have a medical issue such as cataracts, diabetes mellitus or any other issues please consult your physician 😉 (just using the C.Y.A. principle here lol)

I like to use these when I get the chance as they really do improve my ROM and it helps me keep my injuries under control. I have tendonitis in my wrist as an example and even after one session on this thing, the inflammation and pain seems to go down quite a bit. These machines I believe are based off the old TENS (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation machines…man did we have a hay day in school with these lmao) but on a sort of bigger scale as you don’t have to have the leads (an example of leads are those things that look like little pads that they put on you when you are getting your heart function checked that have wires coming out of them and hook up to a machine…) Ok totally getting off topic here.

If you get the chance to try out one of these machines to improve your flexibily, balance or to work on an injury (under supervision) aside from actual weight training on them…that is a whole other topic…give it a whirl I know it helped me out a lot 🙂

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