Ok because I am snacking on it as we speak and it has been a staple as a snack in my diet since as far back as I can remember…Here is a nutritious snack tip for the day ESPECIALLY for athletes of any kind! A great way to replenish and keep your minerals/electrolytes in check is to snack on organic Dulse! So what IS dulse? Well it is a sea vegetable aka a form of seaweed that is high in:

Iron 19% RDA per serving (hello female athletes!!!)
Calcium 2% RDA per serving (bones, muscle contractility)
Potassium 16% RDA per serving (fluid balance,heart health)
Magnesium 6% RDA per serving (fluid, heart health)

Rich in trace minerals – chromium 9% RDA per serving (great for blood sugar balancing)
and zinc 2% RDA per serving (great for testosterone levels and the immune system).

Good quality vegetable protein: 2 grams per serving (that’s pretty good for a small portion of sea veggie)

Good source of vitamins B6 42% RDA per serving and B2 Riboflavin 10% RDA per serving.(energy, metabolism)

Awesome source of fiber, soluble and insoluble 9% RDA per serving.

If you like cottage cheese it makes a great snack to take a “leaf” of dulse and put some cottage cheese in it and devour lol. It is great wrapped around pickles too but be careful, that is a lot of salt.

Even just sprinkle it onto a nice big fat juicy fresh garden salad with some chopped walnuts and salmon or chicken mmmmmm

I think I just drooled into the bag 🙂

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