>My goal for the next little while is simply just to work on my athleticsm/sport specific skills and to lean out while not letting my legs grow lol ok I hate to admit it but it is partially an aesthetic thing ;p and build up my shoulders. Lofty goal LOL but yeah it will happen! Power, strength and dynamic flexibility are very important and am working on that too. 3 times per week will be my strength workouts which I have a sample day (today below) with some tabata after. On the “off days” I am incoporporating my sports specific skills and conditioning. I am trying to stay on top of my therapies too. Each day, for the most part, will have specific core work done too. This may seem like a lot but it is only about 45-60 mins of training per day and for me, that is cutting it back LOL I love moving what can I say 😉

Here is an idea of what I will be doing.To take down some of the muscle in my legs aka no growth YET, I am keeping the volume of training low and don’t have any carbs after that workout just bcaa’s. This I have pretty much always done after legs (the no carb thing) since I grew them in the gym years ago LOL but I would typically do a bit more volume for legs. My training will focus on posterior chain exercises consisting of explosive strength (i.e. 8 sets of 3 or 6 sets of 4…) so I will keep and actually increase the power but not gain the size. Only one exercise once per week but I also have interval training/plyos incorporated during the week. For example this week was 6 sets of 4 reps of power cleans. We will see what happens with this protocol…I am also not training to failure.

For upper body it will be 5×5 of one exercise for each muscle group but for shoulders, since I want them to grow a bit, I am doing 2 exercises i.e clean and press and high pulls, reps 8 for 4 sets each. For each week the reps,sets and rest periods will remain the same here but the exercises will change. On conditioning days, the rest periods will get shorter, the work set longer and the rounds will minimally increase before simply changing the program.

Example week:
Day one: Strength Day- upper body
Day two: Conditioning and flexibility
Day three: Strength Day – lower body and tabata’s
Day four: Sport Specific skills and conditioning drills
Day five: Strength Day – upper body, flexibility
Day six: Conditioning drills and skills
Day seven: active rest

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