>My day today was thrown for a bit of a loop so I did some training at home and tried to practice posing too (very unsuccessfully with the lack of room I had and a ferret running around LOL but I tried 😉 ). I am feeling a bit off lately so just did some basic stuff and I warmed up by taking a walk than busting right into it when I got home doing 4 sets of superset Pistol Squats (thank goodness I can do these again even without the weight!!! yeah!) with unilateral body weight DL, Chins and Pushups. I also did some of my Bas Rutten training cd work incorporating kicks in between rest intervals to help get practice there too. I am slowly getting my numbers and eventually skill ;p back which is awesome and the more I practice the better I will get again even if it is sporadic LOL. The lesson here is that no matter if you have to do and learn things on your own, do the best with what you’ve got where you can.

June 5th is coming up fast and oh yeah I am hitting the stage 😉 I am not at my best but this past year has been hell with a lot of trial and error to get my body healthy again and this show is just my way to get my feet wet again and I will bring a better package as the year goes on…that I know. I am actually really anticipating this and am sooo looking forward to having a good year (I hope :o). I find myself really trying to figure out where exactly I belong in the industries I love and a lot of people don’t really understand why I do such random things sometimes but it is just my way of trying to figure it out. Without people guiding you, you pretty much have to take more risks, put yourself out there more and be ready for hurt, misunderstanding, judgement and humiliation LOL and make more and more mistakes until your path becomes clear. I am pretty lucky to have some great people who, when they can, help me out and help guide me and encourage me and offer me opportunities but at the end of the day, it is up to me and I have to ultimately be my own cheerleader to keep me going. I think that is an important thing for all people really, even those who have all of the support of family and friends and whomever, is to be able to be your own support system, your own cheerleader, your own inner warrior 🙂

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