Here is what I have been learning even more so lately…the more people worry about what you are doing, talk shit about you or hate you, the more you must be standing for something or doing something right. People will interpret your words, your actions however they choose. When people don’t know, I guess they can’t help but judge or scutinize. It is all about each individuals perspective and most of the time if some sort of negativity comes about from that interpretation, it is of their own self-doubt, their own issues or experiences projected on or towards you. When people are not in your immediate surroundings and don’t know you, yes that can happen a lot. There is a line that Eminem says in one of his songs that hits it on the nail about how he is portrayed or seen as one thing but actually knowing him at all is 110% different then what that is….I love that and it is too true! There are those who are only out for themselves and segregate and there are those who want to genuinely make things better in this world and to integrate and create positive teams, affiliations and so forth. I aim for the latter and try to surround myself with those who feel that same passion. Competition is inevitable but there are right ways and wrong ways to do that and my only aim is to help others to see that the true competition should be within yourself and to improve on you. To learn and to help teach. Knowledge is such a powerful thing and there are so many facets to this and so many ways to teach. I try to create some kind of message with everything that I do or say or write about, published or not. That is what I love about my blog, whether people read it or not is of no mind or matter to me, I do this as my way of expression of things I experience, thoughts, and sometimes just to ramble. I find it flattering yes when people actually tell me they read it, good or bad. It means I must be of some kind of interest LOL but really, it is not to sell something, to promote anything but it is a means for me to express myself. Interpret my words however you may because in the end I suppose it is only me who knows the true meaning behind it and that is ok 🙂 People should not have to censor their words or themselves because others don’t understand or know something, it may be hard to stand up and stay strong when people are at you but remember this, stay true to you and what you know in your head and heart about yourself and your intentions, motives and visions and everything WILL fall into place.

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