>Yesterday’s Muay Thai was great,I wish I could just do it forever… time goes too fast LOL. I still find it challenging to keep certain things right for the particular training I am doing as it varies by style i.e. go from muay thai to boxing to american kickboxing etc and the stances and elbow positions vary too. Oh not to mention how when you are on stage or in front of a camera, you need to clear everything out of your head and do the exact opposite of what you are hammered to do every time you train AHAHA practice makes perfect! While speed is not so much my problem, my technique is less than on par when I go TOO quickly (I can’t help it I love hitting things, ok I CAN help it and am working on it :)). Today I just did some conditioning. I did some double-stair sprints, jump rope with double-unders with a weighted vest (kept the weight to 15lbs as my muscles are still a bit sore and I don’t want to get carried away and end up with rhabdomyolysis or something ;p), interspersed 5 burpees with each jump rope interval and finished my workout with some core work: Weighted planks/reverse planks/wheelbarrow planks 30 secs each with 60 secs rest between sets (did 3). Also I did something like 10-15 mins of stretching, which thank goodness I have made a priority in my training again, to help relax my nervous system, stay pliable and injury free.

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