>So my blog is totally random…what!?! LOL so am I 🙂 I write things sometimes just because it is cathartic for me, past, present or future or just because.

Not Welcome Here
I don’t talk about it, I am what it’s about always and forever.
Ignored my worth, my being and my gifts I had to deliver.
Since the first day I came you threw down all I am.
Now you see, still don’t get it, try to catch up with the sheep you little lamb.
Be this, be that but never really be you,
Until the lights in your eyes and there’s that glimpse of what I can do.
Never having my back when things were clear as day.
Being a spectator and hating while I do it,just step out of my way.
Ineptitude and judgment made you choose to scrutinize,
Believing them when said and done you’ll see there’s no truth in their lies.
Things your perception made ugly and twisted,
Chastising where I come from, who I am, made me blacklisted.
Most those I knew chose the path of the obituary,
So respect me and my chosen path to be a visionary.
Accept me for me and all parts of who I am,
Or take the low road and cowar because you don’t understand.
Truth of what is and what I am all about.
My door slammed shut now, you lost it, forget it, no matter how loud you shout.
My heart always filled with love and never hate
But since yours chose to discriminate
I wash my hands and let you go,
Pieces of my puzzle, you will never know.

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