>Today’s workout focused on specific conditioning. I did a similar workout to this a few days ago but with the timing different. I started out with a five minute warmup on the stepmill to get my body warmed up and I always have particular songs that I sort of use as my mantras during intense training sessions and for anyone who sees me training, they know it helps me stay focused and push. It is actually pretty funny because people have told me I either look like I am gonna kill someone or I am gonna jump 😉 someone LOL. Music has such a HUGE impact on me…always has. Here was today’s conditioning workout:

4 x 2 mins rounds on Jacob’s Ladder HR 180-185 with 60 secs rest.

Barbell Complex – 3 – 2 mins rounds with 60 secs rest

DL, Rows, Clean and Press, Back Squats

By the end of my workout today oddly enough, I felt soooo relaxed. Not exhausted but yes I was, I just felt so calm. The gym wasn’t too busy so it was nice and quiet in the Yoga room so I did some stretching and meditation for about 15 mins after. I got all the Bas Rutten at home training cd’s so am excited to be doing this more now too. Hmmm can you tell I love to train, maybe a bit too much. Balance is key…and I don’t just mean equilibrium 😉

gOt SoMe StUfF uP mY sLeEvE 😉

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