>25 Random things about me…

>1. I have had a shaved head and dreads
2. My highschool pricnciple told me I would be dead by the time i was 20
3. I used to be a chain smoking fatty!!!
4. My first ever photoshoot was with Amber Chudy
5. 2008 was the first time I have ever worn a bikini to the beach
6. I used to live in Texas
7. I am the auntie of 3 beautiful munchkins
8. 2008 was the first year I road rollercoasters…oh yeah!!!
9. I am obssessed with animals
10. My fav colours are black, silver and red together
11. 2008 was the year of my first concerts (Rob Zombie and Ozzy than NIN)
12. I don’t believe in violence but LOOOVE to fight (in a ring/cage/sparring);p
13.I love to make people laugh, feel good and help more than anything
14. I have a super ridiculous and adorable ferret named MR. Noodles (yes u must call him MR….he earned it lol)
15. I sleep with a couch pillow that I have had for YEARS and it’s named Pookie LOL
16. I have/had my tongue, navel, nose, lip, hand and of course ears pierced
17. I have 4 tats and a new one on the way
18. I took hip hop and breakdancing when I moved to London
19. People on stilts freak the shit out of me!!!!
20. I grew up in a pile of shit and don’t regret any of it cuz it made me smarter and stronger BUT i have more baggage than a samsonite store ;p
21. I love to travel and would love to do it on a moto!!!
22. I floss my teeth while I have my morning pee!
23. My dad is my hero, it took a LONG time for us to have that and a bullshit disease has taken him away
24. I spend a lot of time at the library
25. I am fascinated by ANYTHING scientific, i LOVE to learn and experience new things, yes I am a big nerd who acts like I am five a lot:)

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