>I am so bad with religiously posting my workouts but here is what my a.m. workout consisted of and I had so much fun with it and if you try it, I hope you do too 🙂 Tonight I hit the weights!

Warmup on spin bike (no seat) – 5 mins

Each circuit was performed 3 times and each was an approximate 60 second interval with 2 minutes rest between cycles. Like I said in a previous post, I am finding it a bit of a challenge on my own without a beeping stop-watch LOL

High-knee jump rope
Barrel Hops
Iso-lateral zig zag toe hops(24 feet each side)
Box jumps

Elbow walkups
Bob and weaves with shadow boxing
High-knee jump rope
Plank with 45lb plate

I really have to be careful with my training as I REALLY like to do the ridiculous intensity stuff but learned the hard way that my autonomic nervous system can only take so much (shit really Melissa ;p LOL). With my metabolic type being the way it is I need to be even more careful of this (stay tuned for my article on this). I am periodizing my training better this time around and including de-loading to suit both of my ultimate goals which for ME requires very special attention to all components of health and fitness because I am not superwoman (all the time ;D).

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