>2009 Reflection 2

This year has been full of both good and bad but most of all lessons. There are times where I was maybe too open about me and my life and I had almost regretted it and deleted posts or didn’t even come out of the house, but honestly, I am glad I didn’t delete those and am glad that I continued to be out there, it was something I was going through and I think it is important to share both the good and the bad with those who want to know the REAL me. Every one falls apart sometimes and loses their way it is just that some choose to pretend and some even worse, choose to not get back up and go on. I know in my heart that I am destined for greatness (on my own determined level) and I also know that those who stood by me and who stand by me will reap the benefits of their love and support. As my good friend Sandra says “if you can’t stand me at my worst, you don’t deserve me at my best.” (love you Sammi xox).I think that there is something others can learn from my experiences and because I have done soooo much soul searching, readjusting myself and sort of almost re-learning things I used to live by I can hopefully help others in ways I never even imagined:) I am reinventing myself again and am so greatful for every single occurence of this year and every year before it. I can honestly say that for once in my life, I am truly becoming comfortable with being Melissa Traynor and what I am all about.

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