>My back was bothering me again today but it wasn’t so bad that I couldn’t train. I had to modify the burpees a bit though. I didn’t get the chance today to do my stretches and other therapy modalities so it is my own damn fault lol. I missed a few posts of my training since the last but here was today’s workout:

Warmup of jump rope and “high kicks” with bar. We started the workout with the PROWLER and finished with it as well. I have such a love-hate relationship with this thing! Your muscles burn and you might gasp for air but you just want to keep going back cause it hurts so good!

Tommy Caldwell had us doing some Tabata training today. We did BB push presses, BB squats, tire jumps, pullups, a series of pushups including rocker pushups (the pushup rockers that you see the fitness competitors do in their routines) and walk-ups on hands and burpees. I learned HOW to do the rockers, but cannot yet wrap my head around how to do it lol…practice makes perfect!

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