>Today’s workout at Launch was a humbling experience for me as with my time off and the typical “auxillary” type workouts I have had to do the past while with my injury, my upper body is pretty weak 🙁 . Sure I slip in my HIT but it is never at the level it should/could be yet. I will get there again, I just need to pump my brakes and be patient! When I am not patient, that is how I end up getting carried away…lesson learned but it is so hard to not overdo my training, I LOVE to move! I have been loving the foam rollers and epsom salt soaks lately too and they are helping.Really need to keep working on my “gameface” too, not sure how exactly the mind state got to where it is at but I don’t like it (so I WILL change it).We did a few rounds of barbell complexes with hang cleans, rows, clean and presses and deadlifts with mountain climbers and rollouts. Than a few sets of (I think it is pretty close to a versa sled so that is what I will call it lol) pushing the versa sled. We finished off with s/s of a pullups and pushups in a countdown from ten. Ok so I more like climbed the wall but hell I tried ;p Soon….

I really like that everything is very “matter-of-fact”, “black or white” when training there. I am looking to be pushed and my biggest pet peeve is when people allow you to just quit and make it seem like that is ok, cause it’s not. They are awesome there (especially since I know I am a handful right now ahaha) and I guarantee that they fit to each of the members personalities but for me, I want punishment even if I am bleeding and crying. lol I might get flustered or angry but I won’t quit…permanently ;). You want results, put the effort in and do it.
Until next time…

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